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Yes, corporations are used in capitalism. That is a fact. They are not the RESULT of capitalism. They are not natural, they are created by governments for the benefit of capitalists. Not created by capitalists themselves. They CAN'T be created by capitalists themselves.

Yes, because obviously the Government has absolutely zero vested interests in the very mechanism that runs the society it pervades over, or vice versa.

I mean, Lobbyists? What are those?

Another proof of corporations being a result of Capitalism is that they were created so that business owners would not lose large amounts of money in the event that they were sued. The whole concept is preservation of wealth within the law.


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So, Tommy, what system would you put in place that would be able to provide for everyone? Capitalism may be used by people to get rich and leave others in the dust but at least everyone has a shot at getting paid. Communism and similar systems are doomed to failure because eventually there is going to be someone who abuses the system. Capitalism though, has the least bad effects that come with someone abusing the system.

The best model I’ve been exposed to is a Resource-Based Economy, a paradigm based not on monetary transactions, but a model that takes into account the calculation and distribution of resources based not on opinion, but on scientific projections of the carrying capacity of the Earth, and leverages technological progress, specifically mechanization, to automate as many mundane tasks as possible, freeing humanity to pursue their desires, and educating the population not to accumulate wealth, but to accumulate knowledge, in order to better empower all of to society via scientific, philosophical, artistic, or technological contributions.

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What do you mean? What did I say that was incorrect? Corporations are a legal institution. They are, legally, people. That's why when BP spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, BP was fined, not the actual people who did it.

No they aren’t. Corporations are granted the right of an individual in legal matters because of corporate personhood precedents, but the concept of a corporation in general is not a product of the legal system, at least not how the term is used in the modern vernacular. When someone refers to a corporation, they are usually referring to the company that that legal personhood represents.

When I say “McDonald’s Corporation”, I’m not referring to the legal corporate individual, I’m referring to the business. And that business is built and maintained upon the principles of the modern economy and the monetary system. McDonalds, and every other massive company, are direct byproducts of the greed and hoarding mentality that our current economic system rewards.

And that system is called capitalism.